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People back in history - interesting? ...Like us? .. or Old-fashioned and BORING?? ... NOW, before you see anything else, READ:
Link to SIMPLE? page THIS!

And you may enjoy this one too -
Link to sanitation page The trouble with water, toilets, etc. Not just Victorian...

Updating this site

I'm updating - lots of this site was getting very old and clunky.
Other bits still work quite well.
It takes AGES to do it all, and you'll quickly see that some of the pages on this Resource section have the new look, others don't.
I hope that the new ones will gradullay get more and more - but please be patient meanwhile, and if you find any broken links, please let me know.

Teachers & Parents:

There are some links to sites outside this one. When I put them here I checked them all, but obviously I can't constantly check them; they're here in good faith but I can't be responsible for any changes they may make.
If you do meet anything unsuitable here, please let me know. Thanks.


of all the periods I cover
Link to Reeds pagesThe Bagpipes & Shawm pages

Link to Strings page 1The Strings pages Part 1:
including Harps, Psaltery, & Dulcimer

Link to Strings page 2The Strings pages Part 2:
including Lutes, Cittern & Hurdy Gurdy, AND the altogether rare and strange Key Fiddle

Link to flutes pageThe Recorders and Tabor pipes page:
Technically they're called fipple flutes.

Link to squeeze box pageThe Concertina & Squeeze Box page:
which is really exactly what is says.

Link to 2 chanter pipes pagesThe Very Rare Two Chanter Bagpipes page - a puzzle to music historians.


Link to contradiction A Medieval Contradiction:

Link to Artefacts page What any medieval man in the street needs...

Link to Iconography page Sources: carvings, stained glass... more interesting than it might seem.
to Sports Page Medieval & Tudor Sports & Pastimes


TUDOR things

There are several Tudor pages missing here - they're really in need of updating.
So, they're invisible for the time being - sorry!

to Tudor Links Page Links to other Tudor resource Websites
Selly Manor, The Spartacus Encyclopedia...


Link to Knocker Up & ClocksThe Knocker Up... and Clocks including a sample of Victorian language.

Link to People page 1 Victorian People Pages, part One:
(Henry Mayhew, Street Sweepers, Army Officers...)

Link to pictures Victorian Pictures to copy and use.

Children's experience What was it like for Victorian Children?
Some evidence in pictures.
Link to Links! Links to useful Victorian Information on the Web
A Fantastic site about Workhouses...
And one about Children in Factories...

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