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Pictures of themselves

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Victorians knew how to print both in colour and in black and white.
This page has various pictures, which as far as I know are out of copyright, and so you may copy them and print them to use yourself.
A redcoated soldier, from a Victorian collection of "scraps." These pictures were to stick into your own scrap book, or perhaps you might stick them onto stronger card and use them in your toy theatre.
Sailors Likewise, a sailor and, I think, a naval officer. No doubt someone knowing his or her Victorian unifornm will soon put me right! Notice that the working sailor has bare feet. This was quite common.
Coach A stage coach at full gallop. The people inside paid more for their tickets. Those outside got cheaper, colder seats. Notice that even in such a small picture you can see they're well muffled up.
...not that it was that comfortable inside!
Knifegrinder As it says - "Knives to Grind." This is the typical shout of the travelling knife grinder.
He works the treadle, that is the foot pedal turning a wheel.
This makes his grind wheel go round, so he can sharpen the knives for the kitchen, garden, anywhere that a knife might go blunt.
There is a small barrel arranged to drip water over the knife blade where it touches the wheel - this keep it cool and helps it to sharpen better.
The grinder also has a fire brazier burning at the other end of his cart.

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