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Sleeping Moggy

Our traditional music band plays for ceilidhs, barn dances, call them what you will, in Northamptonshire & the surrounding area.
We bring a variety of instruments... if you've read much of this site that won't surprise you!...and have been playing together for over 30 years.

The usual four musicians of the band bring: squeeze boxes (me) - piano accordian/melodeon/concertina, also various recorders & bagpipes; electro-harp (Elizabeth, who also plays English concertina); mandolin/mandola; (Derek Martin) and banjo/guitar (Robert Martin).

We play mainly traditional English, Irish and Scots music, including a selection of Playford's 17th & 18th century dance tunes, some earlier tunes, French tunes, tunes we've written, and whatever has made us want to learn them.
We're often complemented on the musical arrangements we make, and the sounds we make, which people find refreshingly different. Most of our work comes from repeat invitations and pass-on recommendations.

This page will be updated soon, with pictures and more information.
Meanwhile if you'd like know more about the band, please contact me through the Contact Page.

Thanks for your patience.

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