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What the customers said is worth much more than any amount of my own trumpet-blowing!
I could more than fill the entire website with extracts from children's letters, teachers' evaluations, and verbal comments.
Here are just a representative few.

Please comment on my presentation on the day did it, for example, meet the needs of the project as you saw them?
The presentation was fantastic. The year group as a whole are quite difficult to deal with and Richard certainly met the needs of the group and helped them to achieve the objectives of the day, perform and enjoy themselves whilst maintaining behaviour to expectations.

Do you believe the children learned relevantly from the work I presented?
Absolutely. The work they did with you was fun, interactive and exciting. Some of them still chant the market place rhymes. Learning in the way presented brings to life and provides them with an experience which cannot be created through any other scenario and is a very valuable to the children.
John Hulse, Abingdon
A selection of extracts photopcopied from children's letters to me:

Children's letters
... and just a small selection of the hundreds of positive teacher evaluation sheets...

teacher evaluation sheets
Verbal comments: I've lost count of the number of "Coooooooooool" 's from children!
(or "Wicked" "Mental" "Mint" and whatever else happens to be that week's expression!)

A teacher at one school where I first visited some years earlier, reported that I'd taught her now 16-year old son when he was only 9.
When she told him I was now returning, he said he still thought of it as a really good day, and could even still dance some of the steps and remembered some of the song words.

After seeing my Medieval music presentation for English Heritage at Farleigh Hungerford, a visitor came up and told me, "That's the best explanation of medieval music I've ever seen - and I teach music."

I'm most proud of the Deputy Head of a Northants school who told me, "Richard, you teach quite subversively!
They think they're just enjoying a good day, and don't realise how much they're actually learning!"
(This is the only quote I use twice on this site!)

Custodians at any number of Heritage sites to us both: "You're our favourite interpreters/performers/musicians."

A parent at one school where I've visited consecutively for over 12 years told me at the end of the afternoon presentation that she's just seen her fifth child taking part.
She said she was only sorry she didn't have any more - she was going to miss it next year.

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