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I've worked in hundreds of schools since 1993 when I set this work up.
I'm now making some changes, however. For some time I've been planning to concentrate on my Storytelling work. Now the new Gove Curriculum has altered much in schools. (If you're within 100 miles of education you really didn't need to be told that, sorry!)
I'm not currently taking new history workshop bookings in schools, in the form I've been working. I very much am taking on new storytelling work, however.
My storytelling visits still bring instruments, and can entail sessions tailored to historical periods, however, so you can still have me working for you!
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I'm still leaving the rest of this website more or less as it was, however, as a resource. And because I really enjoyed the work, and quite like having the site here!

EDUCATION WORK: History visits to Schools,
Museums, and Heritage Sites: Choices, & Information

Why book Me?
Ofsted said directly to me, "Quite exceptional - tremendous!"
"The Inspectors commented particularly on Tudor Day as a valuable learning experience for the children as well
as being fun to be part of."
teacher's letter following Armada Session.
Did you feel the day represented good value for money?
Yes. It was one of the few we managed to keep even with our shrinking budget!
John Hulse, Teacher evaluation sheet, October 2010
  There are so many fantastic aspects to the day, bringing history alive, engaging all of the children (including some that I find it difficult to enthuse), that it is impossible to list all of the benefits on one piece of paper. All in all, it was a fantastic day and I know that the children will remember what they learnt for a very long time.
Teacher evaluation sheet, November 2010
Please read the page of Evaluations too.

recorder & pipes
Overheard Feb 2009:
Yr 8 child in playground to yr 5 child, "Have you got Richard York today then? You'll enjoy that, it's well cool!"
  Headteacher, April 09:
"It's much better value than our trips to ---" named a nationally well-known education visit centre


"This is the nicest thing that happens to the children at this school" : Parent, June 2013, at the end of a day at a lovely school where lots of excellent things happen.

  • I have a B.Ed (Hons)(1st) and come with 17 years full time teaching experience before my present freelance career.

  • Teachers often tell me children learn more in one of my workshop sessions than in weeks of ordinary work, and they remember it longer.

  • Music is a point of entry I use as a hook for a LOT of other historical details.

  • Cost \96 my fee is less than many a coach trip, no time is lost travelling and no one is sick on the bus!

  • As an experienced teacher with skills in group and individual management, teaching and storytelling, I can capture and hold the attention of children (and adults) who then retain what they hear and experience.

  • My sessions bring a richness of experience; listening , watching and participating in a mixture of music, dance, drama and interaction, and, teachers tell me, language use in discussion afterwards.

  • I bring a quite exceptional collection of instruments.

  • In Tudor and Medieval sessions, most of the children will have a hands-on experience of playing good replica instruments;
    in Victorian sessions they\92ll see the real thing, along with other relevant artefacts.

  • Just think - you haven't got to fill in that pestilential risk assessment for going out on a school trip!!
    And there's no gift shop to negotiate, have arguments over, lose things they bought, either!!

  • As of April 2010 I have been checked by Ofsted, while working in schools undergoing inspection, 10 times. Each time they have made a point of expressing approval, either directly to me, or later in their report.

  • Music is a powerful creator of atmosphere and emotions, and can really animate a period of history, \93bringing it to life\94 as so many have commented . A creative link to the culture which produced it, music assists understanding of that culture beyond that which can be expressed in words.

  • Music is shaped by art and by the technology of the time. Learning about music and its instruments increases understanding of period technology, and I show and explain how the instruments work.

  • Songs are a good introduction to a period\92s language, and period language plays a part in any drama elements to the day. Social history is implicit in the activities, with contextualisation of music, dance and drama scenes.

  • Cross-curricular links are numerous \96 teachers have been able to connect elements of workshops to history, geography, art, music, drama, maths, English and more...
    In fact I've been teaching in CREATIVE CURRICULUM style for years now!

  • Enthusiastic children learn and remember better! When listening, they often sit remarkably still and quiet, demonstrating a high level of involvement.

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