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Things Medieval

piper hornblower
Medieval Duo
Helsmsley Castle just before Christmas. Great atmosphere, but cold!
Minstrels Court
Receiving Licences from the Rev. Chesters at St. John's Church, Chester: a recreation of the medieval Minstrels' Court.
Cloaked me Queen Mary Harp
Tower of London duo
Tower of London plus musicians.
with Tom H
St John's Chester 2 harps
Castle Drogo

Things Tudor

V&A us with St George Ikon
We're seen preparing for our contribution to the Victoria & Albert Museum's Renaissance Exhibition, in the Raphael Gallery, before the huge Ikon depicting events in the career of St. George.
It doesn't take much imagination to turn this into a Renaissance painting.
Stripey me EY+boy Tudor
Hurdy Gurdy Pipe & Tabor
group Wake Livery
R harp standing duo+group
with A
Gurdies duo Sellengers Round
school bransle

Things 17th Century

R & E Harp & Pipe & Tabor Brueghl pipes & Tabor
Guitar & Cittern 3 musicians
Carlisle Castle, with Leeds Waits Lydd Pic

Things Victorian

Pipes & Handcart Victorian Arrest
George McJigger harmonium
Engine Victorian Leaning muso
keyless Northumbrian pipes
Keyless Northumberland smallpipes at John Keats' House in Hampstead
Major H at Kew
Major Horton inspects a pumping engine at Kew Bridge Steam Museum

Other work, other things...

Bear & Piper Bray Harp & P&T in mufti
Harp works
The astonishing sight of harps for repair at Munson & Harbour's famous workshop.
Lunchtime Concert Lunchtime Concert

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