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Please note that while we have some public events for this year, I haven't yet posted them up, sorry!

The list below is 2013's. I'll get time to update all this soon...

2013 gigs which were open to the public


6th, Sunday: London, Bankside, outside Shakespeare's Globe.
The Lions Part Twelfth Night See the Lions Part website for more information on what must be one of the best Mumming plays going, complete with street dancing, a joyous procession, Story telling, and before all, the Holly Man. My privilege is to pipe him ashore, from a Thames cutter, and also to pipe down the River Thames.
In case you've never tried playing bagpipes in an open boat on the Thames in early January, I can tell you it's chilly on the fingers!
I'm always proud to be asked to work with this company - come & join the fun!


9th, Saturday: Oxford, Pitt Rivers Museum.
International Bagpipe Day event: Contains Bagpipes, of many sorts! My part in it is Storytelling, telling traditional stories related to the pipes. Pitt Rivers Museum Site
I'll also be taking part in the Oxford Northumbrian Smallpipes group performance there.

17th, Sunday: The Greyhound Pub, Brackley
Brackley Folk Club We're the headline act that night - come and see us! A mixture of traditional, including of course music for St Patrick's Night, and some new tunes we've made ourselves. Celtic harp, accordions, concertinas, smallipes, hurdy gurdy, more...


12th, Sunday, afternoon: Last minute booking at Ruislip Woods Festival, which looks very friendly, with an amazing amount happening in a short time!
More information at Ruislip Woods Trust Website which was written before they'd booked me!


1st, Saturday: Epping Forest Museum, Waltham Abbey, Tudor event at this smashing museum, which I've been visiting to work in over many years now.

15th, Saturday: Chester, St John's Church, for the Minstrels' Court. 10.30 am on.
This hugely enjoyable event, now I think in its 5th year, reincarnates the Minstrels' Court which ran from the mid-13th to the mid 18th centuries in this place. There's lots to see in the church itself, and a procession through the city of musicians, with early bagpipes and percussion prominent! This year we're delighted that some of the Chester Giants are joining us for this.
See more at The Minstrels' Court Facebook page.

23rd, Sunday: Rievaulx Abbey English Heritage event: Medieval Music, as part of a whole series there.
See EH Website where they have a picture of my very good friend Nel Heavisides of Hautbois... I'd hate Nel to think that EH reckon that I look like her!
Either way it's a stunning setting to work in.

30th, Sunday. Knaresborough Castle, Medieval Day. It's always nice to get asked back when you've worked somewhere for the first time the previous year, so I'm looking forward to my second trip here. There isn't actually a lot of castle, but it's a very friendly family event.


6th, Saturday: Hoddesdon Lowewood Museum. The duo, Elizabeth and Richard, back at this lovely house turned into a museum, and very pleased to be there again.


28th, Wednesday, Chester: Medieval music from the duo, at the Grosvenor Museum, 11am-12noon, 1-2 pm, 2.30-3.30pm. Free.
Part of the amazing series of events arranged for the Grosvenor's "Discover Medieval Chester" Exhibition, which we can't wait to see, having heard great things about it. Another place we've enjoyed working in before! Grosvenor Museum's own site where following the "Exhibitions and events" link leads you to a pdf of the brochure for the whole thing.


1st, Sunday. Chesterfield: Victorian event - more details soon.

14th, Saturday, Gillingham: Will Adams Festival. (I think this is 5th time here.) England's only Samurai, Will Adams, of Gillingham, who arrived in Japan in 1600, but hardly known here now, commemorated with joint English and Japanese culture. Always something interesting, always fun!
And a quick brag - Hirado in Japan, where they take Will Adams much more seriously, is celebrating the 400th since a trading post was established there later in 1613, following Adams' arrival and subsequent work. We were invited, after I was seen by their planner at the 2012 Gillingham event, to fly out to Japan and work with them there. Superb! Unfortunately, the necessary 6000 to 7000 required just to fly our collection of instruments safely there and back, quite apart from other expenses, proved beyond the budget of the event, so we regretfully had to decline. Shucks, eh? But what an honour to be invited.

More to follow soon....

Previous events have included events from great to small, for example:

Keats House, Hampstead; National Trust, Castle Drogo; Heritage Lottery Fund event at Nottingham; London Maze History Fair at The Guildhall, City of London ;
Greenwich Foundation, Old Royal Naval College; Bede's World, Jarrow; Tullie House, Carlisle;
Dover Castle, Carlisle Castle, Richmond Castle, Beeston, Framlingham,
Middleham, Dartmouth and more Castles, among many others, all run by English Heritage;
Beamish Outdoor Museum, Co. Durham; Ayscoughee Hall, Spalding; Blackden Trust, Cheshire;
Queen Elizabeth's Hunting Lodge in Epping Forest; Aston Hall, Birmingham;
Nuneaton Art Gallery & Museum; Salt Museum, Northwich; Stretton Watermill, Cheshire;
Amersham, Heritage Open Days; Chester Grosvenor Museum; Blakesley Hall, Birmingham;
Kettering Alfred East Art Gallery; The Tower of London;
The Victoria & Albert Museum, and The British Museum.

This listing doesn't of course include the many bookings in schools, nor other events not open to the public.
If you'd like more information about any of the listed events, please e-mail me, or contact me if you'd like me/us to play at your event.

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