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... one of these days I'll put them in alphabetical order... there again, perhaps it's more fun wading through them & finding ones you weren't expecting...

N.B. TEACHERS & PARENTS: I checked these links at the time of putting them here. I cannot chase all the links to links, neither can I keep checking every day, so I cannot be responsible for the content you may find. They all seemed alright at the time.

If you want to ask a question, spot click here to email me , & I'll try to reply. I'll try to get the answer for you too! If it takes a little while, please be patient...

If you click on any of the links in this list you should find it opens a small window. In case you don't already know: to see the window full size click on the "maximize" button, which is usually the small square, top right. To leave that site & return to mine, just close the window, usually by clicking on the small X top right.

Tabulae Ltd. is the accreditation register to which Elizabeth & I now belong, and likewise a growing number of reputable interpreters. If you want to find good Romans, World War I people, or tilemakers, apothecaries, or whatever, look at

For several years I've worked, and we've worked in duo too, with both Tom & Sue Hughes, he of the Salt Museum in Northwich, she of the Grosvenor museum in Chester. They're very good friends. I'm glad they've now got their own website, at

Cov Arms
Historic - Before working in Coventry for a Heritage Open Days w/e as couple of years ago I researched some of the history of this city on the web, and this was the site I used. By happy chance I met Rob Orland and his family during the weekend. Here's his positively enormous site - Coventry has more of interest than you may expect!
(... and on the "Links" pages you'll find my site, and also my wife's lovely harp site)

Heuristics HEURISTICS - alias Don & Kathryn Holton. What can I say adequately about this irrepressible and energetic duo, who know more about period technology, especially methods of time keeping, than most of us will ever hope to half remember ... and who ALWAYS treat their audiences with reverence and due seriousness???
... and with whom I/we do a great double act from time to time!

RAPHAEL FALCONRY, being the inspiring Mike & Emma Raphael, and their falcons and other birds. Mike & Emma have astonishing knowledge and devotion to their art,and claim with some pride to be the only truly authentic historic falconers at work in Britain; and I/we get the joy of working with them now & then
Raphael pic

THE CLARSACH NET is a wondrous website, full of history of these beautiful creatures, and with many pictures, and a whole lot more resources besides.
Most dangerously, it even lists makers, with more pictures of instruments to drool over and want!

THE HISTORICAL HARP SOCIETY OF IRELAND promotes the playing of historical harps, particularly the Irish wire-strung harp

SCOIL AN CHLÁIRSIGH - Irish Summer School of Wire-Strung Harp is the leading international annual summer school for the historical harp of Ireland http://


The BAGPIPE SOCIETY, including an interesting links page of its own:

Aron Garceau's site about IMAGES OF BAGPIPES from carvings, pictures, tapestries, all sorts. Great source material

To learn more about JULIAN GOODACRE, BAGPIPE MAKER, he being the maker of my set of "Marwood" style pipes, go to:

A Site full of Tudor Portraits:

CLOTHING History: aimed at people who want to make things, but some very useful further links in there, anything from Very Ancient Indeed to 1980 when I last looked!)

ABSOLUTELY SUPERBLY informative site about Victorian WORKHOUSES:

1833 FACTORY ACT - a dry title, but lots of info. about children in factories, plus pictures.

More of the same, especially John Snow & CHOLERA:
Quite heavy in places, but good information.

SELLY MANOR - Birmingham Medieval/Tudor Manor House right next door to a chocolate factory... to Selly Manor

... but in fact the Spartacus site offers facts on just about every bit of history you ever heard of, and a few you hadn't!


MAKER of HARPS, LUTES, and more, including my own Queen Mary Clarsach:

DULCIMERS - a good site showing lots of other instruments too. I'm advertising the competition here!

MORE DULCIMERS - in Arabic music:

PIERROT FRENCH DANCE BAND Pierrot is a truly exciting band on the Lincs/Yorks borders, playing a superb mixture of French and English music. Most of my family joins it for occasional bookings, when we have a thoroughly great time!

- Link to view the site of one of the best known Hurdy gurdy makers in Britain. It includes good inside views of the instruments.

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