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CD "Playing for Time"

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Playing for Time, published by Lizards Music in August 2000, travels across 900 years of music.

With the sounds of about 30 instruments, representing the different periods, it includes:

  • Medieval music
  • Tudor music
  • 17th and early 18th century music
    • including some little-known tunes from a manuscript I found and researched, originally the property of a country gentleman at the turn of the 16 - 1700's
  • music from Victoria's 19th century.

Some of the material is recorded in the same way as we perform it live, other pieces enjoy the luxury of multi-tracking to achieve consorts of recorders, ensembles of bagpipes and other pipes, and mixed groups of, for example, cittern, curtal, recorder, pipes and percussion.

Listen to a couple of clips here. Please be patient, there will be more - I've only just got the technology working!
Edi Be Thu
Shamelessly multi-tracked version of this wonderfully cheerful medieval song tune, arranged for two sets of bagpipes, hurdy gurdy, recorder, timbrel, deer antlers and rommelpot.
Depending on the size of your bass speakers, you may or may not hear loud and clear the rumbling noise of the rommelpot in the second half of this clip. Strictly, the evidence dates from the early 1600's for this, but I couldn't resist putting it there!

The Ironbridge Hornpipe
A great 18th Century tune played on my Anglo concertina: a solo this time, no double-tracking, just the concertina alone.

Tracks from Playing for Time have been used by other people too.

English Heritage used some of our medieval tracks in their video of the 2002 Kirby Hall Festival of History

Crimson Cats logo "Crimson Cats" Audio Books used excerpts between chapters in their recording of Victor Canning's "Everyman's England", read by Charles Collingwood, better know to many as the voice of Brian Aldridge of Radio 4's "The Archers",
and also Jerome K Jerome's "My Life and times", read by Brian Wright.
Here's a wee clip of the Jerome book. Sadly it's not a bit which includes our music, but it does tell how Jerome came to write "Three Men in a Boat".
Listen here

Music from the CD is also used by various other museums and projects, most recently (September2009) in a DVD under production by St.Albans Museum in conjunction with the Open University.

You can buy it over the counter from, for example, the Queen Elizabeth Hunting Lodge in Epping Forest, or direct from Lizard's Music.

To order your copy from Lizard's Music please email me through the Contact me page

The cost is 10.00, plus p.&p. at 1.20 within UK.

Copyright Richard York 2009

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